Μετάφραση Greek Version


Moutsouna is a small quinsential little fishing port with a few houses, located on the eastern coast of Naxos Island. A perfect spot if you want to get away from some of the other more crowded areas, and enjoy just sitting and watching it all go by. Here, the atmosphere is so relaxing and unique without any tourist activities.

Until the early 1980s, the port was used by the local emery mines. The small jetty with the now defunct crane, was originally used for loading emery brought down by a cable system from a quarry up in the hills. The cable car stopped at the port of Moutsouna where there were tons of emery waiting to be loaded and exported. The cable car still exists as a kind of monument of the industrialization on Naxos.

Today, Moutsouna is a sleepy fishing village, where you can only find a couple of places offering accommodation and a few fish taverns, all with tables attractively laid out under the shade of trees. They all serve locally caught fish of the day and typical Greek dishes. Next to the port, there is a lovely beach, good enough to swim before lunch. It is a wonderful mix of soft sand and beautiful multicolored small pebbles. Water is very clear and shallow, allowing for small children to play easily and safe. Here, there are no sunbeds or amenities so bring everything you need. A second beach equally beautiful and clean, called Tigani, is located a little further south.

Moutsouna is located 39 km from Naxos Town and 11 km from the village of Apiranthos. You can either travel to Moutsouna by car or bus from Naxos Town. Keep in mind, that the buses to the village do not start until mid-July so really need a car to get there. The road, down from the mountains is breathtaking and covered in goats, but it all adds to the experience. This picturesque resort with the unspoiled natural beauty attracts holidaymakers who wish to enjoy the sea, the sun, the nature but mostly its tranquility.