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Mesochori is a traditional, picturesque village on the island of Karpathos. It is built on the northwestern slopes of Mount Lastos, 31 km from the island's capital, Pigadia and it offers panoramic views and amazing sunsets over the Aegean Sea and to the huge mountains on the north.

Mesochori is considered to be one the most picturesque and beautiful villages of Karpathos. It displays a traditional character with whitewashed houses and stairs, narrow alleys and beautiful gardens filled with flowers and agricultural plants. Most of the houses have preserved their traditional architecture. In the center, lies the square, which according to the residents is one of the most beautiful squares of all the villages. It is surrounded by cafes and traditional tavernas and can only be reached through the paved alleys that cross the village.

The most important attraction of Mesochori, is the Byzantine church of Panagia Vrysiani, built in 1553 and renovated in 1791. The church owes its name to the natural spring that stands next to it. It celebrates annually on September, 8 and during the three-day feast, crowds of pilgrims from Karpathos and neighboring Kasos visit the village to pay honor to the icon of the Virgin and participate in the feast. Only a few kilometers of Mesochori lies the small seaside village of Lefkos and the traditional village of Spoa.

Why to visit Mesochori

  • To enjoy breathtaking sea and sunset views
  • Because it is an authentic, traditional village of Karpathos