Μετάφραση Greek Version


Armolia is a medieval village of south Chios, located in a valley 20 kilometers southwest of Chios Town. There are about 442 people currently living in the village. The nearest villages to Armolia are Kalamoti, Pyrgi and Vessa. It is a typical medieval village with small stone houses, narrow side streets with arches and cobbled roads. Although a big part has been rebuilt, there are streets and corners, reminding its past. In the ancient years, the village was called "Hermolia", a name derived from the God Hermes. Another theory states that the name "Armolia" comes from the verb "harmozow" (Αρμόζω) - literally meaning "befitting".

Armolia is another one of the Mastihohoria (mastic producing villages). Apart from the production of mastiha, the residents have long tradition in making and decorating ceramics such as: pitchers, vases, jars, bowls and cups. Pottery is a tradition that was started decades ago and still goes on, thanks to the large amounts of clay that can be found at the bottom of a small lake located near the village. In Armolia you can find many workshops where you can buy beatiful decorated ceramic utensils.

Τhe church of Agios Demetrios dominates the central square of the village. Right next, stands the church of Panagia (of the Virgin), with one of the most impressive iconostases on the island, dated from 1744. On the top of the village, lies the monastery of Vretou, while up on Mount Likouri west of Armolia one can see the well-preserved Genoese Apolichnon castle. In this castle the Genoese housed the administrative seat of all the mastic villages in the area, known as “Mastihohoria".