Μετάφραση Greek Version


Visitors may reach Perdika after 9 km of coastal drive, a road trip that starts from the main harbour and finishes where the road ends, deep in the southern part of the island .

Perdika is not just another Aegina village, but the place you should definitely visit, since it offers a mixture of simplicity and grandeur at the same time.

Its incredible view inspires positive emotions and grant an inner peace. Its narrow, picturesque alleys and whitewashed houses with their flower-filled courtyards are reminiscent of the famous Cycladic architecture. The large church of Agios Sostis is another must-visit attraction of Pedika.

Great to experience is also the traditional festival, held annually on the 7th of September with tavern orchestras playing traditional Greek music in almost every corner of the village.

At sunset, Perdika dresses up like a queen and enchants even the most demanding suitor. This is, after all, the reason why Perdika is so popular amongst couples.

Located across the bay, 10’ away by boat, is the beautiful and uninhabited island of Moni. On it peacocks, deers and wild goats roam freely, and, depending on weather conditions, a dive in its blue-green waters is not just recommended but imperative.