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Παραλία Αλίμου (Ακτή του Ήλιου)

A cool place with something for everyone. Although in an urban area, it has a unique island vibe that all the family will love. The beach has beautiful water and is a popular destination for swimming and fun. Covered mainly with white sand, this lovely beach is surrounded by lots of trees, beautiful palms and green spaces, where visitors can relax in comfortable sunbeds. The beach offers luxurious facilities including locker rooms, showers and restrooms, volleyball and beach-racket courts, beach bars, cafes and restaurants, nightclubs, a swimwear boutique and venues for hosting receptions and concerts. This family-friendly beach also features a water park, as well as a rental service for canoes and pedal boats. To ensure safety, there is a lifeguard and a fully equipped infirmary during all opening hours.

The beach is open from Monday to Sunday from 08:00 am to 20:00 pm. There is an entry fee for all with reductions for children 5-12 and seniors over 65 years old. The entrance for children up to 5 years old is free. Tickets do not include sunbeds and umbrellas. Conveniently located just 11 km south of the city center, it is easily accessible via local transportation. Due to the easy access and to its proximity to the city center, it gets very busy during summer.