Santa Margarita beach

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Santa Margarita beach

Santa Margarita beach is one of the wildest beaches on Tinos. Located in the eastern part of the island, 15,5 km from Chora, this pristine beach offers isolation and views of neighboring Mykonos. It is a gorgeous sandy beach, usually chosen by all those who stay in this part of the island and the nearby villages Steni and Potamia. Santa Margarita owes its name to the small Catholic church, located on its left side.

It is a rather long, quiet and secluded beach, with no amenities and little natural shade provided by the few tamarisk trees. The coast has fine sand and the sea crystal clear emerald waters. The beach is exposed to the northern winds and the sea is often rough, thus, it is suggested to be avoided when strong north winds blow in the area, something common in the Cyclades. It is an ideal place for all those seeking quiet and secluded beaches away from noisy beach bars and crowds.

Santa Margarita can be reached via a narrow dirt road that descents steeply in the last kilometers. If you plan to visit this lovely beach, it is highly recommended to be equipped with umbrella, plenty of water and some snacks.   


Coastguard: (22830) 22220

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