Psaralyki beach

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Psaralyki beach

There are actually two beaches next to each other, Psaralyki I and Psaralyki II. Psaralyki I seems less busy than its sister beach, yet it is only a few moments away from town. Both have gorgeous sandy seabed, clear light blue water and no seaweed. The rocks are not an issue since one can just walk 50 meters further and access the water through tiny pebbles and sand. The water is shallow for quite a bit so great for kids. They are both family friendly with lots of water sport activities to enjoy.

Psaralyki II is a bit more secluded than the 1st part and has a beach bar which is very convenient. They are a good choice for windsurf and ideal for stand-up paddling as well. The walk from the port is no more than 10 minutes. Walk toward the left and follow the dirt path down and in 10 minutes you will be at this nice town beach. Feels like a beach you would travel to, but you can walk from town. It is a very calm area with lots of trees for shade.  So, bring a towel and cozy up under a cute tree!

Coastguard: (22840) 61485

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