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Agios Ioannis in Kastri

Shortly before entering the village of Glossa, you will see a road on your right leading to the church of Agios Ioannis, to Agios Giannis Kastri as it is called, which is at the top of a tall rock. The approach of the church requires you to climb up to 105 steps, but it is worth it. There are two small beaches, with rocks and wonderful waters. You will reach them on foot (mainly the first), leaving the car on the main road, near the small canteen that is there. Easily accessible is one of the two because if you pass to the next you have to climb the rocks or swim. If it is waves (north winds) it is better to go to some of the western or southern beaches (such as Milia Kastani Hovolo Panormo Limnonari etc.) that will have more peaceful waters and will not be mixed with the north. But if it does not blow the waters are wonderful and the scenery enchanting. Distance from Chora of Skopelos (Port) 30.0 km about 43 minutes by car. (from the road of Agios Riginos). Distance from Chora of Skopelos (Port) 34.6 km about 47 minutes by car. (from the Stafylos - Agnontas road). Distance from Chora of Skopelos (Port) 24.9 km about 40 minutes by car. (from Glisteri - Karya Mountain Delphi).

Coastguard: (24240) 22180

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