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Μετάφραση Greek Version


Mirtera is an isolated, quiet beach in the north of Ithaca and before Aspros Gialos (or Ai Giannis), right beneath the village of Lefki. Mirtera is filled with pebbles, that become smaller near the water and the blue open sea is ideal for swimming. Mirtera beach faces Kefalonia and overlooks the villages of Pilaros and Erisos of the neighboring island. You will arrive to Mirtera by following the bypass road to the Aspros Gialos from Lefki. Shortly before the end of the road – which is paved throughout its length – you’ll see a small footpath. You can park there and continue for about five minutes on foot. And there, just below, is the shining beach of Mirtera. The shaded parts in Mirtera are very limited and if someone beats you to them, you will spend a day under the hot sun, so it’s best to get here fully prepared for a day at the sea. The beach faces west, so, in the late afternoon, you will be able to enjoy the sun going down behind Kefalonia.

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