Paradise beach

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Paradise beach

Are you looking for a remote beach with crystal clean green waters and peace? Bingo. This is the perfect place. Here, there is no bar, no restaurant or any amenities. So, bring your own food and booze before you take the small fisherman's boat to get here. Paradise beach is mainly pebble and, in our opinion, not suitable for young children as the sea becomes very deep, very quickly and the waves can be wild. The water is perfectly clear, great for snorkeling with loads of fish to see and with lots of little caves to explore whilst swimming. The beach is backed by an enormous cliff face and at one end of the beach, caves have formed at the water line.

A cantina boat brings drinks, snacks, and ice cream to the beach but there are no other facilities other than some umbrellas and loungers to hire if you are looking for some shadow. The views from the beach are stunning and if you are a good swimmer you can swim to the nearer grottes. Come prepared with proper water shoes because there is no sand and the rocky shoreline is very HOT and will burn your feet. You can take a taxi boat to get from Paleokastrisa port to Paradise beach and back. The trip takes under 15 minutes.  Getting off the small boat onto the beach could be challenging for some and who may need an extra hand. All in all, Paradise is a lovely beach and worth a trip if you like secluded and pebble beaches.

Coastguard: (26613) 65200

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