The Palm Forest of Agios Antonios

Photo: © e-storieskritis

Μετάφραση Greek Version

The Palm Forest of Agios Antonios

The small palm grove of Agios Antonios is situated near the St. Nikitas Monastery, in the Asterousia Mountains. It is a small oasis that stretches along a ravine, watered by the Kefalovrisi spring which is located a few meters above. The small forest stands in the middle of a barren landscape, having as background the endless blue of the Cretan Sea, creating an incredibly beautiful scene.

It consists of palm trees belonging to the endemic species of Theophrastus. The Cretan Phoenix or Phoenix of Theophrastus (Phoenix theophrastii) is a small-sized phoenix tree native to the east Mediterranean, confined to few areas, mainly in Crete and specifically in Vai, Preveli and Asterousia. The small forest is fenced to prevent goats from grazing there.


Photo: e-storieskritis