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1. Livadia

Livadia is the island's main port and the largest village. The tourist resort is located on the east side of the island, 7 km south east of Megalo Chorio, the capital of Tilos. The small cute village is set in a tremendously beautiful and wide bay and has kept its traditional traits. The Tilos Police Station building at the port stands out for its architecture, reminiscent of the Italian domination of the island from 1912 until 1948. On the rocky mountaintop above the village, sits the Castle of Agriosykia for the past six hundred years, overlooking the picturesque port. Near the port is a square, a popular gathering place for both tourists and islanders, especially in the evenings.

Looking eastward you can see the mountains of Turkey while on the northwest side, the island of Symi rises out of the distant background. Along the pedestrian seafront promenade a nice pebble beach stretches out with clear waters and many trees for shade. Free sun beds are offered by the cafes and taverns to its guests. Watersports are also available. There are plenty of rooms to let and multitude of small taverns where you can taste good old-fashioned Greek homely fare and fresh fish.


2. Megalo Chorio

Megalo Chorio (meaning "large village") is the capital of Tilos. It is built on the steep slopes of Agios Stefanos hill, in the northern part of the island, 7 km away from Livadia, the island’s main port. On the top of the hill, there is a medieval fortress, built by the Knights of St. John on top of the ancient acropolis. Inside there are the remains of a church, effectively the only structure still standing. There, used to stand a famous temple dedicated to the Pythian Apollo and Athena. 

Until the beginning of the 18th century the entire village resided within the castle walls. It is the place where the locals took refuge when the pirates and the Turks were looting the island. It is a picturesque village with remarkable architecture that has remained intact over the years. It is worth visiting the church of Taxiarchis with the pebbled courtyard which is a real work of art. Wander the whitewashed alleys with the flower-decorated courtyards and enjoy the view over the valley of Eristos which spreads out below the village, from the main square.

Among the main attractions is the town hall, the primary school, the library, the doctor's office and the grocery store, all typical examples of traditional architecture. Near the town hall is located the unique elephant museum.