1. Trizonia

Trizonia is the only inhabited island among the islands of the Corinthian gulf. There is only one village on the island with around 50 houses, built in the north part. Along the coast, there are a few traditional tavernas, restaurants and cafes. It also offers some hostels and rooms to rent. The small natural port is filled with colorful fishing boats, sailboats and yachts as it is well-protected by the winds, therefore it is very safe.

The picturesque village has retained its local architecture and natural beauty. All kind of vehicles are prohibited, thus offering tranquility to visitors. Nearby the village there are three beautiful sandy beaches with crystal waters. It is a great escape for day trips or a relaxing weekend for people seeking tranquility away from crowded tourist resorts. The small village is a secret gem that can be reached easily by boat from the opposite village of Chania located near Nafpaktos, in about 5 minutes.