Monastery of Moundon

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Monastery of Moundon

Moni Moundon (Moundon Monastery) is located near the village of Diefha in the northern part of Chios. It honors the name of Agios Yiannis Prodromos (St. John the Baptist), which is celebrated on August 29th.

In 1574, it was renovated by the monk Iakovos Lagadiotis and was considered the most significant monastery following Nea Moni. Men descending from the Chian aristocracy lived in the Moundon Monastery as monks.

The Monastery maintained an impressive library containing an exquisite parchment that is dated to 1462 A.D.

This parchment probably belonged to the Holy Matrona who was a citizen of Chios. The Turks destroyed the Monastery in 1822, however, it was reconstructed in the following years.

The interior walls of the church of the Monastery display a series of impressive wall paintings dating around 1620, 1730 and 1849.

These wall paintings are maintained in good condition and display a combination of the folk technique with Western influence.