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Devil's Bridge (Diavologefyro)

As you move away from Ancient Troezen, you will come across the Devil’s Bridge; an area of wild beauty and steep terrain. It is a beautiful gorge with lush vegetation, filled with oleanders, century old trees, and plane trees. In the background, a small river flows down from the mountains forming little lakes amid huge rocks along the way.

An amazing place for walking, hiking down the mountains, climbing, swimming or diving! It is a verdurous gorge where the landscape alternates between rocks, waterfalls and small lakes with crystal clear waters.  The entrance of the gorge is at an altitude of 565 meters, whereas the Devil’s Bridge is located towards the end of the route at an altitude of 85 meters.

The name derives from the hoof marks on the bridge. In local lore, these were made by Pan, the flute-playing god of the wild whose body was half-goat like that of the satyrs. A different myth reports that the local Pasha (a Turkish Lord) ordered the top stonemason, Chrysorrhoas, to construct a bridge over the river of Damala. If he failed, the Pasha would behead him. The first two attempts by Chrysorrhoas were fruitless. On the third and last attempt, fearing that he would lose his head, Chrysorrhoas made a deal with the Devil. In exchange for the Devil’s help to build the bridge, Chrysorrhoas offered him his soul. You can guess the rest of the story from the name of the bridge! The Devil’s Bridge.

Today, the idyllic setting seems at odds with such a dark tale. After crossing the bridge, follow the footpath to a natural clearing. From there, several paths lead further into the gorge where small ponds, cascades, butterflies, toads, and other small wildlife conjure a fairytale setting.

Tip: You should wear slip-proof shoes as some surfaces have been completely smoothed by torrents over the years.