Μετάφραση Greek Version


Neraida (Fairy in English) is a beautiful small village, built on the top of a hill above Lake Polyphytos. From the village there is a nice view of the bridge of Servia, which is part of the national road Larissa - Kozani. The village is 6 km away from the town of Serbia and 20 km from Kozani, the capital city of the region. According to tradition, the name of the village "Neraida" comes from Fairies who used to appear at dusk, to the first refugee residents of the area, when they crossed the hill outside the old village.

Neraida is a relatively new village with short history. It was built by people from Pontos and Asia Minor refugees, who settled in the area at the beginning of the last century. The initial location of the village was about 1 km south. In the 80's, people of Neraida were forced to leave their homes and build a new village, when their properties were expropriated by PPC for the construction of a dam in Aliakmonas river in 1972 and the creation of an artificial lake that covered the valley in 1973, along with the village.

The small picturesque village has only one main cobbled road. In the center of the village is the main square with the impressive clock, placed on an imposing four-meter high arch. Just opposite is the church of Agios Georgios, patron saint of the village with its decorated and hagiographed facade, one of the sights worth visiting. At the entrance of the village, there is a small park with a magnificent view. Lake Polyfytos, the Servia Bridge, the Pieria Mountains and the magnificent sunset are some of the features that compose the magnificent natural landscape, which remains eternally engraved in the memory of every visitor. 

The Polyphytos Lake Bridge is one of the longest bridges in Greece with a length of 1,372 meters. It was inaugurated in 1975, when the artificial lake of the Polyphytos dam was created, on the river Aliakmonas. The works for its construction started in 1972. In the village you can find traditional taverns, caffee shops and hotels. The pure and quality materials they use and the hospitality of the locals combined with the magnificent view, reward each visitor.