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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Lefkes - Langada - Aspro Chorio - Dryos

The most demanding and least known hiking trail of the four we propose. If your car can handle a fairly difficult dirt road, you can drive a few kilometers outside Lefkes on the short cut to Lagada. Leave the car at the blue sign pointing towards Lagada, uphill towards Agious Pantes.

Hike along the rocky path with low vegetation and a few crops for approximately 3 kilometers. The last 500 meters lead downhill towards Lagada, which is a small village with a few scattered houses that seems to be stuck in the 60s. Walk down into the ravine that acts as the path for the next section of the hike. The landscape is wild but idyllic, lined with green grass in the winter, like a fluffy carpet on the ground that does much to soften the Aegean terrain. Observant hikers will notice old man-made animal enclosures, hollowed out under the rocks, in perfect harmony with the natural setting.

The last 200 meters are uphill towards Aspro Chorio. The last section of the hike towards Drios starts there. Walk 200 meters downhill to the left along a path through the ravine that leads to the asphalt road. But you won't walk on asphalt. A few meters before you reach the asphalt, turn left onto a wider dirt road to the north and carry on for 200 meters through the houses and turn right at the small intersection. At the next intersection in front of two summer houses, turn left and after 400 meters right towards Drios.