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Μετάφραση Greek Version

San Michali – Kastri – Chalandriani


Chalandriani has a magnificent view of the ocean on the nearby islands.

The excavations, which began in 1898 by archaeologist Chr. Tsuda, brought to light important findings from the Early Cycladic culture. The findings are exhibited at the archaeological museum. In the past, the site was used to burial the dead of the neighboring settlement "Kastri".

From the small chapel of Panagia Chalandriani, you can admire the stunning views. The Virgin Mary of Halandriani, received the name of the area in which it was built. Its name meaning "house ruins".

In Chalandriani and Kastri the findings of the 3rd millennium BC testify to the distant past of the island. Kastri is a prehistoric settlement, well-fortified to protect the Syrians from any enemies.