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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Spoa - Olymbos

The route joining the south to the north of Karpathos. A beautiful route without special features.
In its first part it is interrupted by the 5 km long carriageway. which makes it a bit tedious.
However, the hiker is compensated by the second part when approaching Olympus, walking on a well-built cobbled path on the steep slopes of Proph. Εlia.
Starting point: Spoa village.

Endig point: Olymbos village.

Height gradient: 350 m - 670 m - 260 m

Route type: path (10 km), dirt road (6 km).

Marking: good (red directional signs).

Vegetation: low bushy on the largest part of the path, in some parts (near Olymbos) dense tree.

Interesting points: the view towards Ag. Irini, the area Pei and especially the area of ​​Aposkino with the excellent view and the impressive terraces, the view to the hill of Prophet Elias and the beautiful village of Olymbos with the numerous mills many of which operate until today.