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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Olymbos - Forokli

This route starts from Olymbos and after encountering the routes that lead to the peak of Prophet Elias and on the bay of Agios Konstantinos, it descends to Forikli beach.

The whole route is very nice as it flows between a stream that has enough water even in the summer.

Starting point: Olymbos village.

Ending point: Forokli beach.

Height gradient: 260 m - 320 m - 0 m.

Route type: path (3.3 km), dirt road (930 m), asphalt road (900 m).

Marking: good (red directional signs).

Vegetation: in the largest part low bushy and in small parts dense tree.

Interesting points: Forokli Beach and the natural surroundings with beautiful views.