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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Olymbos - Diafani

The most classical route joining the harbor to Olymbos.

An interesting route that becomes even more charming for anyone coming up from the time it faces Mount Olymbos as it is under the imposing volume of Prophet Elia.

Starting point: Olymbos village.

Ending point: the village of Diafani.

Height gradient: 250 m - 260 m - 0 m.

Route type: path (4,5 km), dirt road (90 m), asphalt road (550 m).

Marking: good (red directional signs).

Vegetation: in the largest part low bushy and in small parts dense tree.

Interesting points: the two watermills in the middle of the route, the natural environment with the excellent view as well as the village of Diafani where it is located and the Information Center of the protected area of ​​the Karpathos - Sharia Management Agency.