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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Olymbos - Spoa - Olymbos

Starting & Ending point: Olymbos.
Note: this route starts from the village of Olymbos and for the first kilometer it is identified with the route Olympos-Forokli and the route Olymbos – Agios Constantinos. From there, it moves south (on the eastern slopes of Prophet Elias), crosses the route of Prophet Elias-Olymbos and ends up on the Spoa-Olymbos route near the chapel of Ag. Nicholas.
Height gradient: 260 m - 500 m - 470 m - 260 m.
Route type: path (6,5 km), asphalt road (550 m).
Vegetation: low bushy.

Interesting points: the view of the eastern and southeastern slopes of Prophet Elias, the acquaintance with the wild natural beauty of the area and the excellent view of the Prophet Elias and the sea.