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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Avlona - Tristomo

A charming route leading to the northern end of the island.

The stunning scenery of the route presents the hiker who feels he is actually moving away from the culture and walking in a virgin place.

For anyone coming from Avlona, ​​the view is stunning as it reaches the colony above Tristomo.

The fact that in many places the old stone-built cobbled path still survives makes the route even more beautiful.

Starting point: Avlona settlement.

Ending point: settlement of Tristomo.

Height gradient: 280 m - 420 m - 0 m.

Route type: Path (7.6 km), dirt road (840 m).

Vegetation: low bushy.

Interesting places: the old cobbled pathway outside Avlona, ​​the excellent panoramic view of Tristomo Bay, the chapel of Ag. Nicholas in Tristomo and the traditional seaside settlement of Tristomo.