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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Delfi - Ancient Sendoukia - Mountain Top

Delphi is the highest mountain on the island and its peak reaches 681 meters.

Walking to Delphi, breathing oxygen from the pine trees will revive you. The sound of the various birds and the unique view will relax you. The wildflowers will impress you. Do not forget your binoculars, as well as picking up oregano from the mountain.

Walking in Delphi is the most difficult trip, but it will pay you back when you see the whole island on top.

With a 360 degree turn around you will be able to see and photograph Skiathos, Evia, Pelion, Halkidiki's feet and the northeastern Aegean. There are no words to describe the view from the top of Delphi.

The ancient Sedoukia (giant tombs) will impress you.