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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Chora - Anavalsa - Panagia Lymbiani - Agios Konstandinos - Chora

Route 2 forms a circle beginning and ending at the village and passing through the ‘Anavallousa’ area, where the main source of the water supply for the entire island is found, as also an old watermill and lime kilns that testify to important aspects of daily life in the late 19th century. Throughout the route one can see small chapels that stand in settings of rare. One of them, Panaghia (Virgin) Lympiani is carved into a cave and its foundations lie in the marble of an ancient temple dating back to 1798. Their historical, folklore and social value is very significant.

 Another trail, with a stream at its beginning, passes uphill through the pine forest alternating with farms and pasture. A large number of free grazing sheep and goats inhabit this area, thus the small scattered sheep pens.

Certain sites on this route (springs and a goblin’s cave) are associated with many legends, traditions and fairy tales, while historical monuments found in our way, such as the old aqueduct "Palioslina" and painted churches, are quite remarkable.