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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Vathy Harbour - Katomeri - Atherinos Harbour

This is a total length of 8,000 meters that can be traveled in 1 hour and 57 minutes. 

The route that the hiker will follow starts at the port of Vathy. Following the old path used by the inhabitants of the village to reach the village of Katomeri and passing through it arrives at the port of Atherinos. 

From there, continuing coastal, passing by small creeks, ends up again at the port of Vathy. 

A relatively easy route that can enjoy swimming and feel nature.

Walking description:

We set off from the Church of Agios Vissarionas, in Vathy harbour. The harbour is also the finishing point for the bicycle race that commemorates unification of the Ionian Islands and is held each year on 21/5, starting in Spilia. With the square on our left hand we come to the end of the road and turn right. The Church of Agios Vissarionas was built in the early 20th century, when Agios Vissarionas, Metropolitan of Larisa, ended a terrible pestilence which had descended on the people of Meganisi. Since then the Saint has been revered as the protector of the island and the 15th September, his feast day, is an official holiday for the island. After walking for 60m we come to two wells and continue along the dirt track, with a stone wall on our left. As we ascend to the first turning we bear left and after 20 metres the paved path begins. 

Strolling pleasantly through olive groves we come, at the end of the paved road, to a well, on our left hand, while the road from now on is uphill and cement surfaced. 

After reaching the paved road we continue without deviation until we get to a level section where there are two sets of stone steps. We take the steps to the left, leading us onto the main asphalt road end, we have arrived at the Chapel of Agia Paraskevi. The feast day of Agia Paraskevi is celebrated on 26th July, with traditional music and dancing.

We are now in the village of Katomeri, where we descend the asphalt road for 90 metres and then 50 metres before the Agioi Apostoloi Church we turn right onto a cement road. A few metres farther down we find an asphalted section of road and we gradually leave the last few houses of the village behind us. Remaining on the asphalt road leading gently uphill we can enjoy, at the curve on the right, a view of Atherinos harbour. Carrying on for 110 metres we come to an intersection; the right hand leads to the village, but we take the other turning to the left. Descending through olive groves we come to another junction and again turn left towards the Atherinos harbor. We continue to bear left along the side of the harbour. Once out of the harbour we proceed until we find a lateral dirt road going downhill on our right, which we now follow, leaving the asphalt road behind us. From here the walk continues along the line of the shore, allowing us to enjoy the unique view of the landscape with the two little islands, small and large Nisopoulo. As we proceed we come to four small beaches, where we can enjoy a refreshing swim.

After the fourth beach we leave the shore for a while, passing private houses, and then bear back to the shore as we come to the little harbour at Ambelakia. At the end of the road we come to an intersection and head down to the right, where after a few yards we come to the first houses of the village of Vathy. We enter the village, now on a stone-paved road, and at the junction turn left to return to the Vathy harbour.