Seven Springs

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Seven Springs

In the center of the island of Rhodes there is a little paradise with age-old plane trees and plenty of running water that creates a haven of coolness and relaxation for travelers. The area got its name from the natural springs that gush in seven places. The water from these seven springs passes through a narrow tunnel of about 150 meters long ending up in a lake located in the area. In the middle of the tunnel there is a well which serves as a skylight and air duct and its depth is 13 meters. Walking through the dark tunnel with your feet in the running fresh water, is an exciting experience, but don't try it if you are claustrophobic. As an alternative route you can simply follow a walking path to the lake.

The lake where the water gathers has a depth of 1 to 8 meters and a length of about 200 meters and the visitors can swim. It is the only place in Rhodes where one can swim in fresh water. The lake is artificial and was made thanks to the construction of a dam by the Italians, in order to supply water to the neighboring village of Kolimbia. It is a landscape of incredible beauty and the springs are a popular tourist destination for nature lovers.

The route to the Seven Springs and the ravine with the plane trees and the pines are of great natural beauty. Throughout the width of the ravine there are bridges, a lake with ducks and the Rhodesian gizani. "Gizani" is a rare species of fish which is found only in the streams of Rhodes.

The springs are located at a distance of 30 km from the city of Rhodes near the village of Archangelos.