Cultural and Geological Palace of Rhodes

Photo: © Πολιτισμικό και Γεωλογικό Μέλαθρο - Facebook Team

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Cultural and Geological Palace of Rhodes

The Cultural Palace of Rhodes is housed in an imposing building with 3 floors filled from top to bottom with various collections, antiquities and precious history. The exterior has been made to replicate the Athenian Parthenon in its original colors, and is quite spectacular. The ground floor is basically a stunning Rhodian home, with old furnishings, filled with interesting bits and pieces, and the most beautiful ceilings painted with ancient Greek Gods and philosophers. The top floor is basically Greek / Rhodian life, plates, art, general bits and pieces of interest. Finally, the basement is the geological section with lots of collected stones, gemstones, corals etc.  Most impressive is that much of the museum and its contents has been made and collected by the owner himself.

The museum was founded by Spyros Katsouris a banker by profession also a poet and a writer with many accolades over his life. After retirement in 2005 he began work on building his museum to house his collections. This is Spyros' life's passion; he lives here and self-funded the works. His publications are for sale and his little shop at the end has some nice little things in too, that can be bought to support his endeavors. It is worth noting that the museum is recognized by UNESCO and there is a medal hanging in one of the rooms as proof. The owner provides a guided tour for free that takes about 1-1.5 hours. The museum is open daily from 09:00 to 14:00 and entry is free. This is a genuinely different museum and more than worth a visit if you are enthusiast of Greek mythology and history. We recommend phoning ahead of your visit, to benefit from his most interesting and entertaining guided tour.

Photo: Πολιτισμικό και Γεωλογικό Μέλαθρο - Facebook Team