Apigania beach

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Apigania beach

Apigania beach is located on the southwest coast of Tinos, about 11 kilometers from Chora. Although not easily accessible, Apigania is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The exotic beach with the fine sand and the shallow, turquoise waters is the ideal place for those who like beaches untouched by the massive tourism. It is exposed to north winds and should be avoided when such winds blow in the area.

In order to swim in this exotic beach, you have to drive 11 km in a dirt road towards Agios Romanos beach and then walk downhill along a 500 meter path. Alternatively, you can visit the beach by boat. Apigania is not an organized beach so make sure you are equipped with water and an umbrella for the sun. If you climb the rocks at the end of the beach, you can pass to the neighboring, deserted Kantani beach.



Coastguard: (22830) 22220

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