Fourni beach

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Fourni beach

Fourni is a lovely quiet beach, situated in a cove which is encased on three sides with a combination of rugged terrain, mountains, cliffs and rocks. At the far end of the beach, along the headland there are caves and holes in the rocks. All in a rather dramatic and spectacular setting.

The beach is completely covered with golden brown sand which turns a bit stony near the water. The water is crystal clear and ideal for snorkeling. You can even jump in the ocean from the cliffs. The sea may be wild since the western coast of the island has the roughest seas. Due to its isolation the beach is suitable for those who enjoy the wild beauty of nature, away from crowded and touristic beaches. There are no tourist facilities but only a small canteen and a limited number of umbrellas and sunbeds. If you prefer natural shade, you can find some under the rocks on the right-hand side of the beach.

Fourni beach is located in the southwestern part of the island, 75 km from Rhodes Town. Driving from the castle of Monolithos, is nearly 5 kilometers down a steep and windy road with many potholes but worth the effort, as it is absolutely astonishing. It is worth visiting Fourni beach after seeing the spectacular Monolithos castle with the amazing views.


Coastguard: (22410) 28888

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