Sifneiko beach

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Sifneiko beach

The Sifneiko beach, also known as Sunset beach, is renowned for its beautiful sunset and the crystal-clear waters. It is one of those places you have to visit at least once and the best time to so, is at sunset. The beach is within walking distance from the town center. You can find it at the end of the cobblestone path that starts from the port, passing by the Castle and can be reached in just 5-10 minutes. This beach is very romantic with lots of couples visiting it at all times and a nice place to have a slow drink at one of the bars which have seating facing the sunset and admire the great view. 

The beach itself is unorganized with no sun beds or umbrellas whatsoever, so you must take things if you want to spend some time. The sand is clean and the water nice and inviting. In many places the water is shallow enough for kids and non-swimmers to feel safe. Although it is very close to Chora rarely gets busy, but when the sun starts going down, crowds of people flow to watch the best sunset on the island. Watching the sun hiding behind the distant mountains or dipping into the sea is very serene and offers many photo opportunities. There are stone benches for people to sit and enjoy the amazing sunset and a playground for children to play.

The beach is not protected from wind so you’d better check the weather before you go. A light wind does not bother, in fact it can be fun riding the waves, but if it is mad windy you won’t get to enjoy this beach too much. Still, a gorgeous place to cool down after a meal on the main street of Chora and the obvious place to watch the sunset.

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