Mikri Aselinos beach

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Mikri Aselinos beach

Mikri Aselinos is a highly recommended beach to visit, on Skiathos Island. It is a very peaceful beach in a very picturesque cove looking over to mainland Greece. The beach has soft sand, clear blue sea and selves gently into water. Getting into the sea can be a bit of a challenge as there are rocks and pebbles just below the waterline which make walking the first few feet into the sea a bit of a challenge. Snorkeling is fantastic here also. There is a beach bar, pretty quiet where you can rent beach beds with shade. Around the bar there are some interesting wood sculptures.

The beach lies right next to the larger beach of Megalo Aselinos on the north coast of Skiathos. It’s relatively easy to get to by road. You can park under the trees where the track widens. This beach takes some walking to get to and it is quite a steep path, but it’s definitely worth making the effort. There are ropes to help and it’s manageable by almost all ages, however it is not so ideal for small children or those with walking difficulties. Keep in mind that on windy days this is a bit rough to swim in. But otherwise, it is a very nice quiet, not overly commercialised beach, more than worth a visit.




Coastguard: (24270) 22017

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