Bisti beach

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Bisti beach

Bisti is one of the beaches on Hydra that requires a short boat ride from port. The boat will transport you round trip to this secluded beach front and is a great way to see the northern coast of the island. As you are approaching Bisti Beach you realize its beauty lies in its calm and green-blue waters. The water is clear and warm and the view stunning. Bisti's main appeal is its quiet isolation and backdrop of pine forest. It is such a serene beach with no loud music and lots of shade provided by several rows of pine trees in the event you wish to take a break from that gorgeous Greek sun. It is not a sandy beach, it is a rocky beach, so bring water shoes to comfortably get into the inviting waters. There are not vast quantities of fish but you will see quite a few unusual ones such as a type of flounder, cuttle fish and octopus.

The beach is not crowded till mid-June although later surely is. There is a small kiosk with snacks and drinks available. Loungers and umbrellas are available for rent but you can relax under the shade of the pines too. Bisti Beach is a definite boat ride unless you enjoy a 1-hour hike before hitting the beach. To get there, go to the Hydra Town Port and you will see the boats that take people to the beaches. They all have billboards advertising the time they depart and return and what the price is. Ensure that you take a boat and not a taxi boat as it's more expensive. Visiting this beach is a nice break from the crowds of the main port area for a few hours. If you don't like crowded beaches, this place is perfect and definitely worth a visit if you are on Hydra for a few days.

Coastguard: (22980) 52279

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