Gidaki beach

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Gidaki beach

Gidaki is an attractive and isolated beach tucked away on the east coast of Ithaca. It is considered the best beach of the island, while it is often ranked among the best beaches in Greece. It is an exotic beach, backed by white cliffs topped with verdant vegetation and the color of the water to range from deep blue to green. It is located in an open bay, facing the uninhabited island of Atokos.

The beach is very beautiful, and consists of both an organized part with parasols and sun loungers as well as free areas. There is also a small beach bar in peak season of July and August, that provides coffee, soft drinks, snacks and cocktails. The tiny white pebbles and startlingly clear water provide the perfect location for swimming, sunning yourself and lazily paddling around.

Gidaki is a beach accessible either on foot or by boat. Walking is totally worth it as it is small hike in the nature with lovely views, of about 30-40 min. The trail starts from the bay of Schinos where you can easily approach by car. However, the easiest way is by boat from Vathy. It takes 20 minutes to get there and there are frequent boat rides during the day. During the ride you will be able to see a large part of the coastline of Ithaca, the quaint church of Agios Andreas, the bay of Schinos and many other small beaches that can only be reached by boat. Gidaki can get very busy during the day because of cruise ships that come and go and stop off for swimming.


Coastguard: (26740) 32909

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