Bataria beach

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Bataria beach

This is a beautiful cove with white pebbles and clear blue water in a stunning natural landscape setting. The colors of the sea are amazing due to the white pebbles and the views over the Albanian mountains are stunning. The water is crystal-clear but gets deep quickly so not suitable for young children and non-swimmers. Sunbeds and sun-umbrellas are available, but you can also lie on the stones or more comfortably on the rocks. There are no toilets, drinks or food outlets apart from a restaurant at the top for refreshments and lunch. It is a lovely beach great for families, couples, friends or individuals and perfect for swimming, snorkeling, diving or sunbathing. Snorkeling is great here, as there are lots of rocks and fish. Beach shoes are recommended for more comfort.

The beach gets busy early. There is some parking nearby but not an official car park. You can combine Bataria beach with a visit to Kassiopi castle or a visit to other smaller beaches and bathing bays spread all around. You can also explore the surrounding paths. The beach is located near the Kassiopi harbor and is accessed quite easily from the headland road. If you don't mind walking under the hot sun, the beach is only a quick walk from the harbor (up a small inclining road). It is worth staying till late; at night, the calm waves, the perfect sky and the Albanian city lights oversea make for a magical atmosphere.

Coastguard: (26613) 65200

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