Μετάφραση Greek Version


Kleftiko is located along the southern coast of Milos. It is not a beach in its classical definition we all know, but it is a unique landscape. The area of Kleftiko is a cluster of impressive volcanic white rocks standing in the turquoise waters. Kleftiko is of the most popular tourist attractions in Milos island famous for its crystal-clear water, elaborate caves and the imposing rock formations. 

The name was derived from the pirates once hid out in the coves there.  It is also known as “Meteora of the sea”. Its photographs adorn the most tourist guides that advertise Greece and have become the trademark of Milos. The clarity of the water, the caves offered for safe passage, the small beach and the underwater life make up one of the most beautiful wonders of nature all over the Mediterranean. The magic of the landscape comes to complete the fable of hidden treasure of pirates in a ceave near in Kleftiko. It is a unique experience visiting Kleftiko, actually is an absolute must.

At Kleftiko you’ll admire some gigantic gray-rock formations emerging from the waters, some of which end up in sandy beaches, others creating sheltered coves, inlets and caves where sailors usually love to anchor their boats and take a dive in the clear waters. Once there you can go cliff jumping into the crystal clear cyan water, snorkel, or explore the caves. There are so many to see that you could spend all day exploring them.

There are two definitive ways to get to Kleftiko: on foot or by boat. if you plan to go on foot you've got to take the entire way until you reach the Monastery of St. John Siderianos. It is a massive monastery, so you can’t miss it. You can park there and make the way to the Kleftiko trailhead on foot. You can continue driving past the monastery, but the road gets really bumpy and hazardous. Continue walking on the road for another mile and you will see a sign that says Kleftiko on the right-hand side of the road. The sign points to a trail. This trail will take you all the way to Kleftiko. From the sign to the “beach” will take about 35 – 45 minutes. The trek on the way back from Kleftiko is sure to take longer. because you will be hiking uphill rather than downhill.

You should be wearing sturdy hiking shoes because the trail is extremely rocky. However, there are several precautions to take:

  • There are snakes in west Milos. The Vipera Lebetina is terribly poisonous and should be avoided. As most other people have suggested, wear good hiking shoes and take precautions as you hike. Do not step in shadowed places and do not overturn rocks. Exercise caution and safety in the entire hike. This is a remote area of Milos and help is not close by.
  • Bring A LOT of water and snacks. Again, this is a remote area and access to drinking water is impossible. The hike will tire you out so having some sort of sustenance is helpful.
  • Come with friends. Do not hike this alone.
  • Leave enough time to get back to your quad before it gets dark.


The most popular way to reach Kleftiko on Milos is by boat tour. Kleftiko tours leave from Adamas port, the main port of Milos.