Trafoulas Gorge

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Trafoulas Gorge

The Trafoulas gorge is formed east of Krotos village, in the Asterousia mountains and exits at the secluded beach of Psili Ammos in the South Cretan Sea. According to tradition, King Minos used to swim with his men on this beach.

The first part of the gorge is very narrow with vertical rocks which almost hide the sky, beautiful colors and amazing geological formations. The part of the gorge that most people choose to cross is about 700 meters long, and the hike takes about 30 minutes. It is not so narrow but it is just as beautiful. It starts from the point the cars park and it goes all the way down to the beach.

The locals call it Pidimatos gorge (Jumping gorge) because it is so narrow in some parts that a wild goat can jump from one side to the other. Although there are some difficult passages, hiking in the overgrown with oleanders, aromatic plants, shrubs, thyme and sage gorge is a unique experience.

To get to Trafoulas, follow the left road that starts just before you enter the village of Lendas. This road leads to the east and has signs pointing the way to Loutra and Petrakis beaches. After about 20 minutes you will reach a small port where the fishing boats anchor. Continue driving uphill and at the top of this hill, you will find a parking place. This is the point where you can enter into the gorge.