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24/06/2024Cultural Event
Miaoulia Festival

Miaoulia is a 10-day festival, dedicated to the annual anniversary of the death of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis (1769-1835), but also to his military action during the liberation struggle of the Greeks (1821-1827). Admiral Andreas Miaoulis was the man who led the united Greek fleet victorious against the Ottoman naval forces during the Greek War of Independence (1821-1829). A statue of him dominates the entrance of the harbor and one of the main streets in Hydra Town is named after him. The Miaoulia Festival is held annually, the weekend closest to the 21st June. It is the biggest event on the island and features a series of celebrations that last for two weeks. Celebrations include various artistic events, exhibitions, lectures, musical events, games, theatrical performances, folk dances and sport games. The highlight however, is the reenactment of the burning of a Turkish flagship at the entrance of Hydra’s harbor. The festival ends with a massive firework display.

The feast of the Holy Monastery of the Virgin Mary in ZourvaAt the eastern end of Hydra and in the area of ​​Zourva is the Holy Monastery of the Birth of the Virgin Mary. On the 8th of September, in the Monastery, there is an annual feast with Divine Liturgy and Survey of the image.
The feast of Saint Neomartyr Konstantinos of HydraHydra, celebrates on Nov. 14 Hydra, as the birthplace of St. Constantine, commemorates His festive religious events. The festive events take place with the commemoration of the Church of the Holy Cross, the Polyarchicherical Divine Liturgy and the passing of the icon and the relics of Saint Constantine.
Feast of the Holy Monastery of Agios NikolaosThe Sacred Monastery of Agios Nikolaos is located on the western slopes of the Ombari Mountain of Hydra, at Lóggo. Celebrates on the 6th of December Vesperinos on the eve and the Feast of Divine Liturgy, following the conversion of the icon of Saint Nicholas in the courtyard of the church.