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Akradia 8460

The lighthouse was built in 1898 with oil as a source of energy, with a red flash and a light range of 9n.m. During the Second World War, the lighthouse remained off. In the context of the reorganization of the Lighthouse Network, it re-opened in 1945 with oil as a source of energy. In 1980 the oil machines were replaced, the lighthouse was automated and operated with acetylene gas. In 1990, it was transformed into a solar with a white flash per 10s and a light range of 10n.m.

The square masonry building is a house consisting of three bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, a bathroom and a WC. The square masonry tower has a heigh of 7m, 0.50m thick and 2m in diameter.

The lighthouse is located north of Cape Lakida, at a focal height of 88m and the access becomes by boat from the port of Milos.