Μετάφραση Greek Version


The picturesque chapel of "Krasopanagia" is built on the steep cliffs of the coast, at the westernmost end of the Methana Peninsula, and the easiest way to reach it is by sea.

According to a local legend, a boat filled with barrels of wine, fell into a great sea ​​turbulence, in front of the cape. The captain of the boat who was a merchant, prayed to the Virgin Mary and begged her to save him and his boat. In return, he would build a church made of wine. He was saved, so he built the chapel with mud made of sand and wine instead of water. And this is how the tiny chapel got its name "Krasopanagia" (Wine Virgin Mary).

"Krasopanagia" remains unknown, even to many locals although it is an important attraction of the area. The chapel can also be reached via a steep and dangerous path that starts from the village of Kameni Chora. The distance is about 4 km but hiking is very demanding as part of the trail is not marked, and in some places, there is no clear trail.

The chapel is in front of crystal-clear, blue waters, which in some places reach 150 meters of depth.