Cheese of Tilos

The cheese of Tilos is tough, a kind of feta cheese.

Chondros of Tilos

Chondros is wheat cut cooked either with water or with milk.

Myzithra of Tilos

It is made from the slices that are produced during the preparation of the feta cheese and the kefalotyri and comes in two types: the unsalted or slightly salted fresh cheese that looks like cottage cheese, and the dry myzithra ripe with a salty taste and a tough texture. The fresh myzithra has a gentle cool taste while the ripe has more notes of nuts and creates a gray peel. Fresh Myzithra is used extensively in cooking and pastry, while the dry myzithra is ideal for pasting on pasta.

Pougakia of Tilos

Pougakia are made with leaf and stuffed with almonds and sesame seeds.

Xerotigana of Tilos

Traditionally they make xerotigana (dyples) offered at various festivals, mainly weddings and are made of flour, fried and sprinkled with honey and sesame or nut.

Herbs of Tilos

Island with rugged, mountainous but overgrown volumes, with hills and valleys where many kinds of herbs such as alifaskia, marjoram, rosemary, oregano, thyme, thrips, molocha, and many others are growing.