Kokkini Ammos beach

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Kokkini Ammos beach

On the left of Matala, there is a hidden gem among Cretan sandy beaches. Kokkini Ammos beach is a lovely nudist beach with such a great hippy feel. It is a bit of a hike to get here, but it is totally worth it. The hike has breathtaking views and amazing stone carvings but it is certainly not for faint hearted and people with mobility issues. There are two ways to access this beach. Either, up through the car park up the side street, or from the bottom of the village, a much gentler safer feeling access. The first route is quite steep and is maybe the shorter. Both routes are clearly marked by arrows painted on the stones. Either way if you can’t walk 30 minutes on rough terrain, the journey isn’t for you. It is a grueling trip so do not attempt this in flip flops. Sturdy shoes would be more beneficial than flip flops for the climb. 

The beach is a mixture of nudists and people with swimwear on. The sea is absolutely amazing, nice and warm, and the sand is also very nice – slightly course but not shingly. Also, it is the best spot to grate natural clay from the rock that you can mix with sea water to make a free clay treatment. There is little to no shade, although you can rent out some old umbrellas if you get there early enough. There is no food or water so bring your own, but there is a bar (summer time only) with cold drinks and delicious mojitos. The beach can have waves when windy, that can be really strong so you can get knocked around. It is less crowded than the Matala beach and you can stay on the beach until 8pm to see the sunset as the bay is facing west. This is a great place to go, especially for people with free spirit. We definitely recommend it while you stay in Matala or visit the area.

Tip: There is also a boat transfer to beach from Matala and back.

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