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Region of Phthiotis

The prefecture of Phthiotis belongs administratively to the region of Central Greece. 42.2% (or 1,873 of the prefecture consists of semi-mountainous areas, 37.9% (or 1685 are mountainous and 19.9% ​​(or 882 lowland areas. The largest plain area of ​​the prefecture is the basin of the Sperchios river which includes the plain of Lamia. The main river of the prefecture is the Sperchios that flows into the Gulf of Maliakos. In the prefecture there are important wetlands such as the Sperchios and Agia Paraskevi.
The prefecture is famous for its geothermal field and its thermal springs with the most famous being those of Kamena Vourla, rich in natural salts and rhodon as well as the springs of Loutra Ypatis and Platistomos. National parks such as Oiti, impressive gorges like Asopos, waterfalls and top archaeological sites such as Thermopylae have made the prefecture a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Picturesque fishing villages and beautiful mountain settlements invite visitors to get to know and admire the greatness of nature.

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