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Region of Pieria

Pieria is an area in Greece that has a lot to offer. Situated on the south western edge of Central Macedonia, is home to some of Greece’s longest sandy beaches, several archaeological sites, historical castles, many coastal resorts and traditional villages and to the legendary Mount Olympus, which according to the Greek mythology was place where the ancient Greek gods lived.  The mountain is a protected national park and offers incredible biodiversity, appreciated by nature lovers and hikers alike. There are fantastic walking trails to explore, beautiful waterfalls forming natural pools and plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities such as canyoning, river trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking. In Pieria there are also important archaeological sites such as the ancient city of Pydna and the Archaeological Park of Dion, the most important sacred city of the Macedonians. Its coast is unique because of the vast expanses of sandy beaches that you can find there. The lovely beaches extend for over 70 kms. and lead down to peaceful clear blue waters. Along the coast several summer resorts offer excellent facilities to visitors and the opportunity to relax and have a great time. Rich in history, culture, nature, traditional villages, great food and vineyards, Pieria is a perfect all-year destination just a 1hr15min drive from Thessaloniki.

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Wondering what to do and what to see? The team of ALLOVERGREECE put together a list of must-see destinations and top-rated tourist attractions to help you make the most of your travel itinerary, so be sure to refer often to our list of the top tourist attractions.

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Greece is famous for its history and culture, the impressive monasteries and the beautiful nature. But it is also famous for its many and impressive beaches, many of which remind tropical beaches. Beaches with dunes, pink sand, with monuments in the background, beaches surrounded by steep cliffs or hidden behind tall mountains. Here are the top beaches of the region that we believe is worth a visit.


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