Nea Apollonia Spa

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Nea Apollonia Spa

The thermal springs of Apollonia are located 55 km southeast of the city of Thessaloniki, right next to the old national road of Thessaloniki - Kavala on the southern boundary of Lake Volvi, in the settlement of Loutra Apollonia of the Municipality of Nea Apollonia.

It is run by the municipal company of the municipality of Volvi. These curative baths offer not only treatment, but also well-being, prevention and rehabilitation. 

The temperature of the water is 38-57o C and is characterized as superheated Na- K- SO4- HCO3- F-Br hydrosulphide- hypotonic, slightly radioactive curative water of the municipality of Volvi.

Apollonia thermal springs are suitable for the following conditions:
  • Chronic rheumatisms
  • Degenerative injuries
  • Gynecological ailments
  • Neuritis
  • Neuralgia
  • Allergic skin ailments
  • Ailments of the urinary tracks of the kidneys
  • Liver
  • Gall bladder
Mineral water drinking therapy for ailments of the gastrointestinal system. Inhalation therapy for infections of the upper respiratory system.
Apollonia Baths have facilities with hostels, a hydrotherapy (group and individual baths), an inhalator, two dining areas and an environment. The Hydrotherapy Center features private baths, a traditional Turkish bath pool, spa form with hydromassage and air massage, hydromassage baths, sauna, kiosk, swirl tanks, medical diagnostic unit and visitor information area.
The services provided in the Baths of Nea Apollonia are: use of the hamam, use of swimming pools, use of hydrotherapy baths, use of the sauna, use of hydro massage, use of the kiosk, use of swirl tanks, use of the inhalator, as well as medical supervision.