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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Eggares - Kynindaros

This hike mainly follows a stream and it will fascinate you with the green setting you will see throughout the route.
 It starts from the village of Eggares where there is a trail for you to follow. You’d better ask the locals, who are willing to show you from where this trail starts.

Since you find it, walk along the river for about 3km until you reach a double-arched bridge. Then, a dirt road starts leading to the village of Kynidaros. Choosing the right path probably won’t be easy since it isn’t very clear.

On the way you will see many watermills that once used to be full of life but unfortunately most of them are abandoned now.

It is also worth visiting the old Byzantine church of Agios Artemios, located near a stone bridge. Moreover, in some points of your hike there are small lakes, ideal for a refreshing dive even in the summertime.