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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Moni – Sifones – Moni (Circular)

This circular trail begins and ends at the village of Moni, known for its weaving and stone craftsmanship traditions.
Starting at the water spring on the eastern end of the village, the path moves eastwards through orchards and dense vegetation, as it changes to a south-southwest direction – alternating briefly on a rural road – the traveler re-enters the path, continuing on an easterly direction. Once the traveler reaches the chapel of Agios Spyridonas, the route moves uphill alongside a ravine towards the Fanari mountain. In the region of Astivodi, the path crosses a rocky landscape, offering great views to the west and south of the island.
Reaching the crest of the Fanari mountain, the view of the diverse landscape is impressive. The trail continues on a rural road, until it reaches the downhill path towards Apeiranthos, where the traveler has the option of either entering the settlement or continuing on the trail moving north. 
Following the second option, the trail crosses a rugged area of emery mining sites east of Fanari. Then turning west, it starts a descent (Skala tou Metriou). With a steadily north direction and broad overview of western Naxos, the paved trail passes through old farming facilities (mitata), rare landscape characteristics and steep terraces (halia) with vineyards.
The route leads to Sifones, a mountainous location with dense vegetation and a plethora of water springs. The settlement at the location that carries the same name is nowdays deserted. A short detour on the route leads the traveler to the Byzantine church of Agios Ioannis Prodromou. The trail concludes at Moni, ending a hike through forested hillsides, lush orchards, olive groves and vineyards.

Trail interchange: Fanari – Panagia Fanariotissa (15′): On the rural road that crosses the southern ridge of the Fanari mountain, the traveler can follow a path that leads northwest to the Virgin (Panagia) Fanariotissa, the perfect location to take in amazing views of the entire island. The climb to Panagia Fanariotissa from Apeiranthos takes about 35 minutes.