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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Kynindaros - Eggares

The route starts at the square of Kynidaros, the countryside village of Naxian marble quarrymen, with a great musical tradition.

After crossing through the gently ascending village terraced streets, the traveler moves northeast alongside a rural road. Once the course becomes downhill, it continues on a stone paved path, which in several places is interrupted or alternated with the paved road.

There is a wide field of view to the Chalantron region at this point. Arriving on the river banks, flanked by six historical mills, the traveler comes upon a striking stone bridge and the adjacent Mill of “Hadji” (Mylos tou Hadji) 18th c. At this point, a detour route leads east on a rural road to the illustrious monuments of Agios Artemios (great basilica of the 18th century) and the Byzantine Agios Demetrios complex.

The main route continues west of the bridge of “Mylou” on a river trail in lush arboreal vegetation, meeting watermills and waterfalls along the way. Marching alongside a water channel towards Eggares the hiker crosses the fertile region of Lagada, coming upon several watermills in consecutive order – the Fabrica complex stands out – and the picturesque chapel of Agios Georgios. The path reaches a ravine, where the landscape is dominated by water springs and vegetation rich in trees and reed. Standing there is the imposing four-arched aqueduct – after which a bypass path ascends to the cave with the small monastery of the Nativity – and the tower of the Pradouna notables (18th century).

The last part of the route continues through a narrow roadway, passing by the traditional rural settlement of Mesa Neighborhood (Mesa Geitonia). A short detour leads to the ruined Byzantine monument of the Virgin (Panagias) Monastiriotissa. The conclusion of the trail at Eggares enables the traveler to visit the renovated traditional olive mill at the northern exit of the village, the Byzantine monument of Taxiarchis, the broad valley with its famous orchards and the coast, wetland of Ammiti.