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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Keramoti – Routsouna Waterfall


You should go hiking in beautiful mountain landscapes of northern Naxos, starting from the bus stop of the village Keramoti.  

After the church go down to the bridge, pass quite a few steps and after the bridge turn and ascend a few meters. After a while you reach a crossroad. Take the trail down (slightly descending) on the slope of the mountain and you will have a view over the small river that starts from the village.

After about 45min you reach a point, where another river goes down. Enjoy the beautiful landscape with the plane trees and the huge rocks, where water springs.   Go about 100m back: you will see a small sheepfold, go down. Pass by the sheepfold and descend the rocks on the right. After 100m you reach a hill and see the small waterfall that forms a small lake and then goes directly down the cliff to turn into the large waterfall of Routsouna (20m high). To reach the waterfall at the bottom go back and continue 50m, pass again by the rocks and descend carefully. At the end of the waterfall there is a plane tree and a small lake 4m deep. This is where the children of village Keramoti go swimming.

These very waters continue flowing to Garinos springs to pass by Chalandra and end in Ammitis beach and Eggares reservoir (artificial lake). Difference in elevation: 490m at start – 350m in the end Duration: 2 hours (with return).