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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Castle - Panagia Chryssopigi

The trailhead of trail is located in Kastro village. Kastro was the capital of Sifnos until 1836. It is considered to be one of the best preserved ancient capitals of the Cyclades. It is definitely worth it to stroll through the narrow streets of this ancient settlement. You will be surprised by the amount of antiquities that are incorporated in the buildings, most of which were build back in Venetian times. Don’t forget to take a look at the views from the eastern part of the citadel.


The trail starts going downhill, until it reaches a small seasonal creek. Cross it over and you will soon find yourself ascending on an old donkey trail.  Walking among terraced slopes and olive groves for a few kilometers, the trail will eventually lead you to the asphalt road (be very careful while crossing it). You are in a place called “Portes of Faros”. You might notice there that some dry stone walls have an interesting system on the top stone line, where the flat stones are considerably adding to the height of the wall, posed in a way that they form a triangular gap between them.

You will walk now the gentle descent to the picturesque village of Faros, main port of Sifnos till 1883, through a large paved path. Toward its end, a little before the village, the design of the path is really impressive. Faros village is an ideal place for a break. From there, a coastal path continues to the beaches of Glyfo and Apokofto, right before the Holy Monastery of Chryssopigi that is considered to be the holy protector of Sifnos.